The Faculty of Business Administration (FBA) is committed to academic excellence in teaching, research, and public service. It delivers degree programs for a growing diverse of students interests and aspirations. It offers programs at locations and times convenient to students to ensure that higher education should be available to all who seek it to meet the ongoing challenges presented in the years ahead.
The FBA degree programs prepare students to relevant careers, improve their competitiveness in the job market, provide them with skills necessary to advance as leaders in their professions and their communities. The academic programs offered encourage active participation in an education that challenges critical thinking, provides career preparation, instills values , and inspires lifelong learning. The FBA is dedicated as well through its faculty and other resources to contribute to scientific advancement and public service.

Supporting this mission, the FBA is highly devoted to:

  • Offers top quality information technology based business education that integrates the needs of Egypt and the region with national and global perspective.
  • Provides an interactive learning environment that encourages faculty/student communication
  • Provides a range of exemplary career-oriented academic degree programs that meet the needs of the local, regional, and global job market.
  • Seek and encourage highly qualified faculty to improve teaching, maintain professional competence, and public involvement.
  • Encourage development and sustainability of close relationships with the business community and other stakeholders.


The Faculty of Business Administration will always seek to distinguish itself as an open-access educational institution by building exemplary and innovative academic programs and student-centered services while anticipating the career and needs of those it services.  

Institutional Values

The FBA values:

  • Commitment to integrity as a guiding principle in all its policies, procedures, and activities.
  • Providing meaningful and contemporary choices of academic programs to students.
  • Sensitivity and responsiveness to stakeholders’ needs and aspirations.
  • Actively seek faculty with solid academic record and practical experience in their fields who can provide students with an education focused on practical application .
  • Special commitment to caring for students as customers and partners.
  • Maintain fairness among the interests and aspirations of all stakeholders.

Bachelor Degree Programs Offered by FBA

1.Bachelor of Business Administration in  Management

- Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree program in Management provides courses and business-related in-class experiences for students who intend to pursue careers in business management. It emphasizes the integration of different fields of business to develop a general perspective to business problems and challenges.
The program course offerings stress rigorous analysis of the concepts and principles that are basic to an understanding of the business management field. Course work relates theories and ideas to the operating practices and policies of business organizations. It also provides a unique opportunity for students to explore the workings of management using “hands on” classroom experiences that provide an awareness of what really happens in the business world – awareness not easily obtained through conventional lecture methods.

- Program Outcomes

  • Explain and apply general theories and practices relating to management.
  • Demonstrate effective oral and written communications utilized within various areas of the business environment.
  • Demonstrate the ability to integrate various management technologies within the functions of management.
  • Understand ethical issues associated with business decisions.
  • Demonstrate the ability to effectively manage human resources and the importance of focusing on both the internal and external customer.
  • Identify and analyze factors critical to strategic planning, including economic principles associated with organizational behavior.
  • Relate the knowledge and experience necessary to think critically and creatively with respect to business decisions.

2. Bachelor of Business Administration in  Marketing

Program Objectives

The Bachelor of Business Administration degree in Marketing is designed for students who desire to pursue any of the many careers in the field of marketing. The program includes a general overview of the following areas: consumer and business-to-business market planning, product development, consumer behavior, marketing research, integrated marketing communication (i.e., advertising, public relations, and selling), and global marketing.
The marketing degree program focuses on strategic, as well as tactical, marketing concepts. It integrates product, price, promotion and physical distribution throughout its courses. Offerings stress the use of modern techniques to investigate, analyze, and solve a wide variety of marketing needs within various environmental challenges and opportunities.

- Program Outcomes

  • Understand the important role marketing plays in relation to meeting the strategic objectives of the organization.
  • Demonstrate effective information literacy and communication as they apply to marketing through research and expression of both written and oral ideas.
  • Demonstrate the ability to use a variety of marketing concepts, theories, and tools on both an individual and team basis.
  • Demonstrate knowledge of the design, implementation, control, and evaluation functions relating to marketing.
  • Become aware of how various environmental and ethical challenges affect the marketing of products and services.
  • Exercise critical marketing mix strategies involving research, analysis, application, and evaluation.